4 Steps to Becoming a More Effective and Successful Swim Coach

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Gary Barclay
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What You Will Learn

What should you know?

What are the critical areas of knowledge you MUST have to be a successful swim coach?

What is a must?

A closer look at two critical areas that you MUST focus on in every session

Why does it matter?

Why knowing, understanding and utilising these critical areas of knowledge are crucial for your development and success

What is important?

Learn about the importance of ongoing swim coach support and why is a vital part of the process


About Gary, Leigh & Rohan

Gary Barclay, Leigh Nugent and Rohan Taylor are the pro coaches behind Gold Class Swimming. With more than 100 years of swimming and coaching experience between them, they can help you to better understand the sport and your role within it.

They believe that Swim Coaches perform best when they are surrounded by other Swim Coaches for support and guidance.

The best Swim Coaches are those who share with others and are open to new ideas. It is their mission to create an environment where Swim Coaches from around the world can rise together for the betterment of the sport of swimming.

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